The main characteristics of the hard oxidized aluminum alloy cylinder tube

In the surface treatment of aluminum alloy, hard oxidation and anodic oxidation are both very common surface treatment methods, but there are some differences between them. So what are the characteristics of hard anodized aluminum alloy cylinder tubes?

 The main characteristics of the hard oxidized aluminum alloy cylinder tube are as follows:

1. High hardness and good wear resistance. The oxide film has a porous structure, so it can adsorb lubricants well, thereby helping to improve the wear resistance of the surface.

2. It has good corrosion resistance and good chemical stability, because the film is continuous and there will be no voids.

3. It can withstand high temperature, the temperature can reach 1500℃, and the thermal conductivity of the film is low, so its thermal insulation performance is good.

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Post time: Sep-02-2020