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Madison, Wisconsin (WMTV)-A retired architect is answering many questions raised by parents as Halloween approaches: If anything, can the trick or treat be done safely?
Neil McCallum can shoot candy from his pipe from the temporary bell on his sofa. He called the equipment triggered by the pandemic a “pneumatic candy delivery system.”
“Health issues are critical and we want to stay safe. However, we want to preserve the fun of Halloween for all young people in the area.” McCallum said.
The former hospital architect used his knowledge of air pressure to put them together. He explained: “I know the pneumatic tube system, which means that the air flows through the tube to transport everything in the hospital to the hospital. This is just an extension of it.”
For anyone who wants to copy, McCalum promises: “It’s very simple. This is a PVC pipe. Put a [leaf] blower on it and shoot the candy out.”
After becoming one of the first kids to try the device, Callum Kennedy said: “I think it’s really cool because you can really keep a distance from people and he can sit and relax.”
Parents in the neighborhood also gave recognition: “Obviously, safety is the concern of our neighborhood and community, so I think this is a very good way to maintain this tradition,” Kate Moore said.
CDC lists Halloween’s low- to high-risk activities on its website. An example of a low-risk activity is a sugar-seeking game with family members in and around the house, while a high-risk activity is the traditional trick-or-treating or trick-or-treating activity and giving children candy at the door.

Post time: Jan-26-2021